As a body, we want to worship Jesus, grow in our faith, and point our neighbors in the Upstate of South Carolina to do the same. 

We focus on Christ in every worship experience , every ministry, and in every message. We are truly striving to be a Christ-Centered Fellowship. 

We’re a community of believers with something for everyone; whether you’re checking out what it means to follow Christ, or are looking for a new place to get involved, Greer FBC is ready to assist you!

We sincerely hope you will join us this Sunday for Worship. It is a Christ honoring atmosphere full with anticipation.  The messages are Christ-Exalting and centered on the Word of God and will make an impact upon your life.

We want you to be connected with Christ, the Word of God, and people. So we have various ways for you to get involved including our Community Groups or Wednesday Night Groups. 

You’re going to love coming and visiting Greer FBC!

Our Beliefs

We are a cooperating church with the Southern Baptist Convention and affirm the latest version of the Baptist Faith & Message.

Have you ever wondered what it means to become a Christian?

Maybe there are things in your life that don't seem to be going very well, and you've tried lots of solutions, but none seems to work. Everyone has questions about their own lives. If you haven't found answers that work for you, why not listen to what God has to say?

God's Word has the answers that are grounded in truth and love. Jesus has answers to problems just like the ones you face every day.


The Bible calls it “good news,” or the message about Jesus Christ, the kingdom of God, and salvation. It’s a summary of God’s work through Jesus and our response to that work, which leads to salvation. 

To help us understand it better, the gospel message always includes four key elements:

  1. God rules. The Bible says God created everything, including you and me, and He’s in charge of everything.
    See Genesis 1:1Revelation 4:11, and Colossians 1:16-17.

  2. Man sinned. We inherently disobey God. The Bible calls this sin—and sin separates us from God. The punishment? Death.
    See Romans 3:23 and 6:23.

  3. God sent Jesus. He’s the perfect solution to our sin problem, rescuing us from the punishment we deserve. It’s something we, as sinners, could never earn on our own. Jesus alone saves us.
    See John 3:16Ephesians 2:8-9, and Acts 16:30-31.

  4. We respond in repentance and faith. All you've to do is believe in your heart that Jesus alone saves you through what He did on the cross. Repent from self and sin, then turn to Jesus. Tell God and others that your faith is in Jesus.
    See John 14:6 and Romans 10:9-10,13.


When you respond to the gospel and surrender your life to Jesus, everything changes.  Here are your next steps of faith:

Professing your Faith
When something this life changing happens, your first response is to tell others.  You declare your faith in Jesus by telling the story of your salvation. Most people begin by sharing their decision to follow Jesus with their family, friends, pastor, or minister.
See Romans 10:9-10Mark 9:24, and John 9:25.

This is a powerful outward symbol of the inner change that has happened. It’s a lived-out picture of the death of your sin and your new life with Christ.
See Matthew 5:13-17Acts 2:38Acts 8:36-39, and 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Join the Church
The church is a body of believers following Jesus together. Jesus designed it for every one of His followers to have a place to grow in what they believe, belong to a community of faith, and become more like Him.
See Acts 2:42-47Ephesians 4:1-16, and Romans 12:1-2.

Dr. Doug Mize


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Our pastor, Dr. Doug Mize, began his ministry at Greer FBC in April of 2016. He has been married to his bride Janet for over 20 years. They have 3 daughters, one each in college, high school, and elementary school. Doug holds both his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.  Doug’s passion and conviction in preaching is to continually point people to both the Scripture and Jesus Christ in each message.

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Dottie Bryson

Minister to Senior Adults

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Steven Gillespie

Associate Minister of Music

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Micah Greene

Minister to Students

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Shelton Hall

Facilities Manager

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Tiffany Holtzclaw

Administrative Assistant

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Maciel Marques

Pastor, Iglesia Hispana

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Josh Morton

Minister of Worship

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Carole Morris

Administrative Assistant to the Pastor

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Aki Shigemi

Pastor, Japanese Church